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  • Technical artist
  • Team tutor
  • 3D modeler 
  • Game design
  • Story Concept
  • Audio & Music
infiltrationMax Fröjd


CONNECT is a game about Truth, trust, obedience & control. It's a parallell to our own world in many ways.
You "Roleplay" as a Customer for the product connect which you can control with your physical phone but you also control a person doing a service job at the fictional company of connect on the computer, that is in the actual playable game, the physical phone controls things in the gameworld and you can get information from the game world to your actual phone to progress.
this is a very meta game with implications of having so much control you might not even realise you are pulling the strings or even who is pulling them anymore. when the line is blurred so deep you wonder how "real the game world is" and juxtaposed your IRL experience is.
a lot of pondering went into this 4th wall breaking hodgepodge and we actually made most things actually circle back to our themes, it's in there not straight in your face but it's there and it was very exciting to make it. 
The team see it more as an art installation than a game and that we felt we had to make it just becasue it needed to be made.
It's the most interesting thing i have ever been apart of and truly shows how games are unique medium to show these types of interactions, that is exciting!
For now it's a hard game to show off. And it's highly personal experience and should be experienced alone.
we are still pondering how we should show the game.
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